Nutrition counseling

Nutrition counseling

Ha bármilyen okból kifolyólag nem áll módjában eljönni rendelőnkbe, úgy telefonos távkonzultációval is rendelkezésre állunk.

You are what you eat.
“You are what you eat”. According to Ludwig Andreas Feuerbach, german phylosopher, the food we consume has a short and long term impact on our physical and mental status.

Hippocrates emphasized the connection between nutrition, healing and health. „Your medicine should be your food and your food should be your medicine”.

In our centre we can help maintain or restore the present and disturbed balance with personalized nutritional advice, pointing out that the personal and conscious commitment and perseverance is the most important in achieving your goal.

Temptation and desire for sweets and salty snacks is not a fellow of the conscious will.

Nutrition counseling

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Dr.Nemes Orsolya Sarolt

CrossFit Level 1 trainer - sports nutrition