SmartReport package: PREMIUM

Labordiagnosztika allergiavizsgálat

SmartReport package: PREMIUM

The Ai|Life SmartReport is a revolutionary new development, that can estimate the risk of 14 groups of diseases with the help of artificial intelligence. The package includes the details of the patient’s laboratory examination and possible deviations, as well as general information. The artificial intelligence compares the laboratory findings of the given patient based on more than 100 million laboratory test results and estimates the probability of the existence of the disease group. The Ai|Life Smart Report screening test is intended for patients who want to know what risks they have to deal with. The examination helps in deciding where to go next if it is a possible long-standing but undiagnosed disease.

The Ai|Life SmartReport uses artificial intelligence to estimate the risk of 14 disease groups based on laboratory test results.

  • contains the chapters of the traditional laboratory findings, as well as the results of the analysis made by artificial intelligence
  • the results are communicated in an understandable form
  • the software package calculates the risk of the diseases included in the package
  • the result of the risk assessment is presented in the form of an estimated probability and a risk color scale
  • the result of the SmartReport, is not considered a medical diagnosis and does not replace it, but it can provide guidelines and clues for specialists to be able to recommend targeted tests or appropriate treatment, thereby promoting the patient’s recovery and improving the quality of life.
SmartReport package: PREMIUM include:


  • the current state of the hematopoietic system: blood count, iron, transferrin
  • general thyroid hormone level: TSH
  • the function of liver and pancreatic enzymes: GOT, GPT, Gamma-GT, alkaline phosphatase, LDH α-amylase, pseudocholinesterase
  • kidney function parameters: urea, uric acid, creatinine, total, direct bilirubin
  • functioning of the cardiovascular system: glucose, cholesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL cholesterol, total protein, albumin
  • amount of intra- and extra-cellular ions: (Na, K, Ca, Mg, P, Cl)
  • the inflammatory process currently taking place in the body: CRP, erythrocyte sedimentation, fibrinogen
  • the degree of tissue damage in the body: LDH, creatine kinase

Based on the laboratory test results, the PREMIUM package estimates the risk of having the following 12 disease groups:

1.Thyroid diseases
2. Different forms of diabetes
3. Liver diseases
4. Nutritional anemias
5. Other anemias
6. Fat metabolism disorders
7. Bile and pancreatic diseases
8. Kidney diseases
9. Immunological defects
10. Systemic autoimmune pathologies
11. Inflammatory bowel diseases
12. Heart and vascular diseases
13. Certain malignant diseases
14. Rare diseases

Things to do before sampling:

Come to the examination on an empty stomach, which means fasting for 12 hours (drinking water is recommended).

Help for finding interpretation:

In any case, consult your general practitioner or treating physician regarding the result of the SmartReport. If you do not have a treating doctor, you can consult our internist!

SmartReport package: PREMIUM

150 Eur

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