A női tumor csomagunkat, azon pácienseinknek javasoljuk, akiknek krónikus ismeretlen eredetű panaszai vannak és esetleges daganatos megbetegedésre utalhat, illetve azok részére akiknek a családban előfordult már daganatos kórkép.

The female tumor panel includes:
  • the body’s phosphorus level, which helps in the detection of bone and endocrine diseases: Inorganic phosphate
  • amount of calcium in the body
  • liver enzyme function: Alkaline phosphatase
  • the current state of the hematopoietic system: blood count
  • HCG can also draw attention to certain tumors
  • ovarian tumor examination: CA-125, HE4+CA 125 with risk estimation (ROMA index)
  • breast tumor examination: CA 15-3
  • liver cancer, embryonal tumor examination: Alpha-feto-protein (AFP)
  • examination of certain tumors of the intestinal tract and bronchi: CEA
  • CA 72-4: can also appear in carcinomas of breast, colon, ovary, gastro-pancreas, non-small cell lung cancer and endometrial origin
  • pancreatic tumor examination: CA 19-9
  • Neuroendocrine tumor marker: Neurospecific Enolase (NSE)
  • melanoma examination: S100 protein
  • Tissue polypeptide (TPA), which occurs on the cell membranes of certain tumor cells
  • Immunological detection of fecal blood

Important information!

A negative result does not completely rule out the presence of a tumor, and a positive result does not always mean a tumor. In this case, further investigation is required.


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Rácz Lívia

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