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Pszichológia esztergom mentális egészség markomplex

“Once a cartman with a heavy load on his cart got stuck on an extremely bad and muddy road. The more the horses tried to pull the cart, the deeper the wheels sank into the mud. Seeing this, the charioteer jumped off the cart, and began to pray to the strong Hercules: Oh, you strong Hercules, help me out of this difficult situation. The voice of Hercules sounded from the ether: You, man, put your shoulders there and push that chariot with all your strength. Help yourself and then God will help you.

Our goal: Mental and spiritual development, mastering the body and increasing physical performance.
The main objective of Marko Mentál is to provide guidance to its clients, for a smoother way of dealing with everyday life and at the same time for an easier way of achieving their goals.

We can offer guidance in reviewing your lifestyle and discovering your resources in order to find the behaviour elements, therefore modifying and rewriting these elements are the first life changing steps.

Galla Nikolett

If you cannot visit our office for any reason, we can arrange a remote consultation on the phone.

psychological consultation session

45 Eur

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Galla Nikolett