A mentally and/or physically burdened lifestyle can cause a lot of stress, which can lead to the development of various diseases. And the manager screening is a great opportunity to get an idea of your health. If you do not have a specialist, our internist colleague will help you interpret the findings and, in justified cases, give you a recommendation to carry out another laboratory test or visit a specialist.

The manager panel includes:
  • the function of liver enzymes: GOT, GPT, Gamma-GT, alkaline phosphatase, LDH
  • Vitamin D level
  • fasting sugar concentration: blood sugar, insulin
  • general thyroid hormone level: TSH
  • the inflammatory process currently taking place in the body: CRP
  • cortisol as a stress indicator
  • the current state of the hematopoietic system: blood count, iron, transferrin, ferritin
  • qualitative and quantitative distribution of markers providing additional information on the functioning of the cardiovascular system: chlesterol, triglyceride, HDL, LDL cholesterol, total protein, albumin
  • the amount of CK (creatine kinase) produced mainly in skeletal muscle
  • test determining pancreatic enzyme activity: Alpha-amylase
  • kidney function parameters: urea, uric acid, creatinine, total, direct bilirubin
  • amount of intra- and extra-cellular ions: sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium
  • Inorganic phosphate indicates the state of bone metabolism and the existence of certain endocrine age patterns
  • Homocysteine (a high level in the blood means an increased risk of several diseases)
  • Produced by the liver: SHBG (sex hormone binding protein) levels

Things to do before sampling:

The test must be performed on an empty stomach, which means that it is not recommended to eat in the 12 hours before the blood test. Drinking water is allowed.


150 Eur

If you have any questions, please contact us!


Rácz Lívia labordiagnosztika vérvétel

Rácz Lívia

clinical laboratory assistant

Dr.Király Andrea

internal medicine specialist