Physiotherapy and rehabilitation

gyógytorna rehabilitáció esztergom

Physiotherapy is a therapeutic method that can be used to effectively prevent individual locomotor complaints as well as treating the already existing ones.

Physiotherapy has a important role in reducing locomotor sympthoms, maintaining the long-term results of the treatment.

When is physiotherapy recommended?

  • Preventively(to prevent the development of locomotor complaints)
  • Post accidental injuries
  • In case of chronic, painful musculoskeletal diseases
  • Spine diseases (scoliosis, Scheurmann’s disease, disc herniation)
  • In case of complaints during sport activities ( heel pain, ankle, knee, hip joint pain, shoulder pain)
  • Tennis and golf elbow
  • Neurological symptoms

Applied methods:

  • Individualized physiotherapy exercises
  • McKenzie method ( in case of disc herniation)
  • Schroth therapy ( can be used for children and adults to treat scoliosis)
  • Stabilization training ( to treat spine problems)
  • Fitmummy
  • Kinezio tape (pain relief, to maintain the results achieved by physiotherapy)
  • SMR cylinde

How is a physiotherapy session structured?

During the first condition assessment, the physiotherapist questions and examins the patient, which is followed by a personalized treatement plan. Furthermore, the applicable methods and the duration of the treatment are discussed,followed by these methods, in cooperation with the patient.

Physiotherapy consultation 

40 Eur

Physiotherapy consultation 

32 Eur

Kinesio tape

10-25 Eur

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