Functional strengthening

The core of the functional training/body training is
  • that we do not work on individual muscles, or muscle groups, we are working on the whole body.
  • that we do not use usual gym techniques, such as leg workout, abdomen workout, back workout, we are instead, squatting, jumping on a box, doing pushups, pull-ups, using jump-rope, rowing, riding bicycles, lifting weight, giving more attention to the stabilizing and torso muscles.
What is a stabilising muscle?

For instance the dorsal muscle, (musculus latissimus dorsi), which is a main back muscle, is the widest muscle on the human body. This muscle, covers the whole lower part of the torso, stretches on the back, and the side of the body, and connects the upper arm, connecting our arm with our back all the way dowd to the pelvis.

We are trying to develop more capabilities, force, strenght, flexibility, coordination, speed, at once based on the personal capabilities.

While paying attention to the individual needs.

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Dr.Nemes Orsolya Sarolt

CrossFit Level 1 trainer - sports nutrition